There’s a ghost in my house…

skeleton family robinsonIt was a dark, dark, night, and all the monsters, ghouls and ghosts were running riot through the creepy house…

Actually it was a warm summer morning and over 30 small children were running riot around Westminster Music Library, eagerly anticipating music, songs, rhymes and stories featuring all things scary – our ‘Creepy House Entertainment and Audience Participation Extravaganza’ for this years’ Summer Reading Challenge.

The show began with our resident pianist bashing out some familiar songs (cunningly set to some very unfamiliar words) for our young audience to sing along to. A variety of monsters were stomping around the house (Ba-Boom! Ba-Boom!), bats were chasing goblins (all around the creepy house), and hey-ho! The creepy house! The spider took a goblin along.

Westminster Music Library's 'Creepy House' event, August 2013
After some pretty spooky rhymes and stories involving haunted houses with eyes and mouths, demons and spirits whirling about and other assorted zombies, ghouls and ghosts, it was time for our final song. A large circle of children with an assortment of instruments to shake, rattle and bash, several choruses of the Creepy House Hokey Cokey – what better way than this to scare off anything remotely creepy? So with all our scary faces finally put in and out, everyone went home with a glow in the dark wrist band, a special creepy house sticker, and a colouring sheet.

It just goes to show that even the scariest of creepy houses can actually be a whole lot of fun.



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