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Children’s book of the week: Daisy 006 and a Bit

Daisy: 006 and a Bit by Kes Gray, illustrated by Nick Sharratt is the story of Daisy, who was first introduced as the pea-refusing star of ‘Eat Your Peas’.  There are now over fifteen Daisy books, including this one where she wears a moustache and joins the Secret Service.

A reading of ‘Daisy: 006 and a bit’ by Kes Gray

Check out the author Kes Gray reading ‘Daisy: 006 and a bit’  over here.

Explore Daisy’s website 

If you’re wondering who Jack Beechwhistle is, or if you’ve forgotten the name of Dylan’s snake, this is a fun way to find out.   Click here to find out more about Daisy over here.

Draw Daisy with Nick Sharratt!

The lovely Nick Sharratt shows you how to draw Daisy, line by line, in felt tip over here.

How to make a Caesar wheel

Budding secret agents need some kind of code-cracking device to send and receive messages.  Luckily the clever people at Bletchley Park have created this printable Caesar wheel.

How to make invisible ink

Another way for kids to send a secret message is to experiment with invisible ink.  Here are some great ideas for creating hidden messages.


Children’s book of the week: I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child

Lola can’t imagine a world where she will ever eat tomatoes, carrots, peas, fishfingers or mashed potato.  Will her brother Charlie’s stories help Lola to change her mind?

Make your day a Book Themed Day!

A Book Themed Day is an awesome way of bringing stories to life – especially when it comes to mealtimes.  The Happy Mummy site suggests creating some delicious tomato-themed dishes with your child here.  The bruschetta looks particularly appealing!

Make a vegetablethemed superhero cape

Charlie uses his imagination to encourage Lola to eat different food – in a similar spirit, here is another imaginative way to celebrate vegetables.

Grilled veggie skewers

Kids love getting involved in creating veggie kebabs – and building these colourful skewers might broaden their vegetable horizons.

Charlie and Lola paper dolls

The traditional activity of making paper dolls gets the Charlie and Lola treatment.  Have a go at making your own over here.

Lola’s mobile

This is a very cute project for Lola fans and a great opportunity to showcase their colouring skills.



Children’s book of the week: Llamas in Pyjamas by Russell Punter

A group of llamas have a sleepover and experience some ghostly happenings in this unexpectedly spooky story!

Paper plate llamas

These llamas are cute, and they can be made with very basic supplies.  Just some paper plates, regular felt tips and ordinary glue. Find out more over here.

Cupcake liner llama craft

Besides being a tongue-twister, this is a lovely colourful craft design – this time the llamas are made from paper cupcake cases.   Try them out for yourselves over here.

DIY mini llama piñata

A more ambitious project over here with nice, clear instructions.  Kids won’t want to smash up this mini piñata (which is just as well, as it doesn’t contain any sweets!)

Spider headband craft

‘Llamas in Pyjamas’ isn’t just about llamas.  It’s also about spiders.  The instructions for this spider craft include some great tips for helping children achieve the different steps.

Pencil eraser ghost craft

It’s a bit early for Halloween, but ‘Llamas in Pyjamas’ does feature ghosts – so here is a very pleasing ghost craft made with a pencil eraser.  Finger painting would work equally well.

Children’s book of the week: Room on the Broom

This week, the children’s book of the week is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  This is a wonderful story of a kind witch and her cat, three helpful animals, and a menacing dragon.   Will they all fit on the witch’s broom?  Here are five resources to help you explore the story further.

BSL Signed Stories: Room on the Broom

The Royal Association for Deaf People has created lots of awesome signed stories, including this reading of ‘Room on the Broom’.   Why not try signing the story as you read along over here?

Room on the Broom: Witch’s Potion

Inspiration Laboratories has devised some educational activities inspired by ‘Room on the Broom’ – we particularly like their fizzing Witch’s Potion which you can try out for yourself over here.

Room on the Broom sensory bin

Younger children and pre-schoolers can get involved in creating a sensory bin based on the magical objects and animals in ‘Room on the Broom’.  Part of the fun is identifying items in the book and finding real-life props around the home. Find out how to make one over here.

Room on the Broom and other Songs with Julia Donaldson

Did you know ‘Room on the Broom’ has been set to music and performed on stage by Julia Donaldson and friends?  Here is a video of the entire performance, complete with a four-headed mud monster!

Papier mâché toadstools

Axel Scheffler’s illustrations feature lots of toadstools!  This is a great reason to make some papier mâché fungi.  All you need is old newspaper, a little flour, water, and some paint, just click here.


Children’s Book of the Week: Handa’s Suprise

Handa’s Surprise is the story of a young girl bringing a gift of fruit to her friend in a neighbouring village.  Little does she know, Handa’s gift attracts the attention of some animals along the way!  The story has been a firm favourite since 1994 and has been translated into many languages.

Handa’s Surprise Read Aloud

You can listen to a lovely reading of Handa’s Surprise by Mrs Moorehead at The Teacher’s Spot over here.  The drumming soundtrack adds atmosphere to this story of friendship in rural Kenya.

Rainbow fruit skewers

Children can help construct colourful fruit skewers by threading chunks of fruit onto kebab sticks.  This is a great way to encourage kids to eat fruit or to try something new! Make your own here.

Handa’s Surprise picture book animation

Walker Books have created a beautiful animation of Handa’s Surprise, and TV’s Adjoa Andoh provides the narration. Click here to listen.

Zebra face paint tutorial

There are seven animals in Handa’s Surprise, and it might be fun to recreate one of them in face paint.  We found this quick tutorial to show you how.  You could add an element of surprise by allowing your child to paint this on your face!

Fruit printing

If you have some old fruit hanging around, it can be used to make these fruit prints.  You can also use old potatoes or sponges – anything really – to dip in paint and print onto paper.