Marylebone Library on the move… pt6

Getting the new Marylebone Library ready, August 2013
Everywhere you look, people are crouching in corners, reaching up to ceilings and squeezing themselves into tiny spaces. It’s finishing time at the new Marylebone Library.

Work at the new Marylebone LibraryPaintwork is being touched up, and dust is being vacuumed up. There is no sense of panic; the picture is one of people who know what they’re doing, just getting on with it. I went for a quick look, trying not to get in anyone’s way. As colleagues did a bit of measuring and note-taking, I just pottered, trying to visualise how the spaces will look with furniture and – vital ingredient – books in them.

A library spread over three floors will be different from what we’re all used to, but there is a lift, and signs will be arriving soon to guide us all around the new and strange landscape.

The new Marylebone Library at Macintosh House, August 2013
I promised, in good faith, to tell you what the strange object is, which looks like a spaceship, in the middle of the new children’s library. Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t reveal what it is, because nobody knows! Unless you know differently – if so, do tell.



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