Little Big Stories (A Mail Art Call)

A Ghost Story, by Gareth A HopkinsCan you tell a story in pictures?
If so, we want to see it!

Following on from the ‘Extremely Graphic’ post, Westminster Libraries will be holding a graphic novel season in early April 2011.

In conjunction with my REAL wall – and as part of this event – a mail art exhibition will be held in Pimlico Library. We’re looking for postal art contributions from you based on the graphic narrative theme. Postcard sized works up to A5 size will be accepted and displayed in Pimlico Library.

We have some famous comic book artists on board already, who have shown interest in submitting pieces, which means your art could be displayed alongside theirs.

To be part of the show, please check out the submission details (deadline for receipt of entries is 11 March 2011).  A selection of pictures will be displayed on after the show.


71 responses to “Little Big Stories (A Mail Art Call)

  1. This is such a good idea.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the stories up on the walls!

    We’ve already had the manga writer Helen McCarthy agree to make a cross-stitch manga piece for the show, and are expecting a few more big names to join us

  3. This will be great fun! I’ve been wanting to experiment with this format. Can’t wait to see the online images. Sadly, :-( It’s too far for me to come in person. Will send mailart!

  4. So excited that you are hosting a mailart call! Too bad Minnesota isn’t right down the road I would love to be there as well. I’m roping a few more participants to submit their visual narritive, I cant wait to see what everyone submits!

  5. Great to see people already pledging pieces! I’ve started getting a list of people who have pledged piece together – check it out at the my REAL wall received pieces shoutout page!

    If you intend to send a piece, please leave a comment so we know to expect you in our mailbox and I’ll shout you out on the blog!

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  7. I will send a piece to this call.

  8. Wow! You should absolutely expect to receive something from me very soon.

    Really like the way this project is organised: taking elements from graphic novels, reading, mailart, social media, a reading space and creating one outcome. Never before have I thought that I can actually contribute something to a library.

    Really looking forward to seeing the end result.

  9. This is such a lovely idea. I intend on contributing a peice!

  10. Mim, Olga, Peter thanks for supporting the show and the library in this! Your efforts are really appreciated! I’ve seen all your sites and linked to them at the shoutout page above. Peter, your work is incredible! Have you been published anywhere?

  11. Will definitely be contributing to this.

  12. Sounds awesome!!! Wish I could come check it out in person– I’ll have to peruse your (real) wall after the fact. :) Have fun everybody!!!

  13. Hey Elena and Francis, we’d love to see your stuff on the wall!

    Sandy, even if you can’t be here in person, please do still send in a piece and you can be there in spirit!

    Hot news today from my REAL wall towers – the first postcard sized comic is in from Connor! Thanks and keep em coming!

  14. Big thanks to Jaromir for your piece, “Life and Death” all the way from Norway. That arrived in the REAL wall inbox today. Your place on the wall in Pimlico library is now booked!

  15. Michel from France! Your contribution arrived in the REAL wall inbox today! In only 2 pictures you conjured up a real gem! Excellent!

  16. Tiziana from Italy – excellent artistamp piece. Thanks!

  17. Peter – Love your Time Travel Taxi! Looking forward to showing this to trhe world in the show. Hope to see you there too!

    5 pieces in so far, keep em coming!

  18. New stories in today from Cathy from California and Darryl Cunningham.

  19. I just finished printing my story and shall post it soon. This is such great idea in the present political climax. Could you please let me know if and when there is an opening day or when is the show on?
    Keep the Mail Art flag fying!

  20. I’m really intersted in submitting a piece!
    Should we send our details (name, email, address etc.) along with the postcard?

  21. Hi Coco – we’d love to see your piece! The postcards are going on public display, so you may want to withhold your address. That’s up to you, as we will most likely only display the front side. Most of the submissions so far have an email address and website on them so that I can thank the sender when it arrives, but there’s no real need to add your full contact details.

  22. 8 more pieces received in the last 2 days! Full list of received mailart is updated daily at my REAL wall

  23. That sounds awsome! i’m gonna submit something but it will probably take some time to arrive :)

  24. WOOOO! sp glad i got invited to this! :D

    sending things in 1-2 days! don’t want postage issues ><

  25. I love this idea! I will try to submit my own work as soon as possible!

  26. Great to see so many of you will be joining us on the walls! Some excellent pieces in so far, the show is really shaping up and it’s all thanks to you guys!

  27. @Snippy your 3 pieces arrived today. Lovely manga!

  28. I am really excited and looking forward to getting all this amazing art displayed in Pimlico Library. BIG THANKS to everyone who is contributing to the show. Your time, effort and creativity is very much appreciated.

    By the way the show will begin in early April. Watch this space for the definite start date.

  29. Another 7 pieces have come in! Thanks to

    Snippy Snippy Crab Kristine (Australia)
    Helder Coelho Dias (Portugal)
    Michalis Kotsaris (Greece)
    Enzo Salantaro (Italy)
    Mariano Filippetta (Italy)
    Dewi (USA)
    Gabby Cooksey (USA)

    More coming in every day! Remember to get your pieces in by March 11 and spread the word!

  30. I finally got around to scanning all the pieces – 59 in total so far! Here’s the list as it stands…

    Untitled by Conor Donegan (UK)
    “Life and Death” by Jaromir Svozilik (Norway)
    Fluxus Artistamps by Tiziana Baracchi (Italy)
    “Two balloons” by Michel Della Vedova (France)
    “Time Travel Taxi” by Peter Brazier (UK)
    “Through the Looking Glass” by Cathey Bayless (USA)
    “Groucho Marx goes for a walk” by Darryl Cunningham (UK), author of ‘Psychiatric Tales
    “Telling a story” by Mim (USA)
    Untitled by Peter Tran (UK)
    “How to post art No. 725” by A.1. Waste Comics
    “Love in the time of mailart” by Rebecca Guyver (UK)
    “The outrage” by Mailart Martha (UK)
    “One day in life” by Lindenhof (Germany)
    “Penny Black” by Valentine Mark Herman (France)
    Untitled by Tania Krosse (France)
    “Big Stories on Small Paper” by James Weaver (USA)
    “Spring Thaw” by Laura Podob (USA)
    Untitled by Enzo Salanitro (Italy)
    “Ithaca” by Michalis Kotsaris (Greece)
    “The Blue Cloud” by Mariano Filippetta (Italy)
    Untitled by PJ (USA)
    “Six seasons” by Helder Coelho Dias (Portugal)
    “Science Marks”, “Yours and Mine”, and “Mail Love” by Snippy Snippy Crab Kristine (Australia)
    “The Vision” by Biomechanicsinc (Belgium)
    “The Days of Imp Pilot” – by Baos3113 (USA)
    “Presenting the mailartist who wanted to be famous” – By Andrea Jay (USA)
    “Stories in a portrait 1, 2, 3” – Dewi (USA)
    “Chromosomes” by JJAlltheway (Australia)
    “8705” by Johannes Gerard (The Netherlands)
    “Love Story” by Nhigh (USA)
    “The End” by Bob Marzewski (USA)
    “Literature Man” by Grant Snider (USA)
    Untitled 1-7 by Somon Warren *UK)
    “Paper Vision (2008)” and “Pendant la revolution 1986) by Serse Luigetti (Italy)
    “The envelope of childhood dreams” by Chantal Batchelor (UK)
    “Where’s my mailart?” by Camelorama (USA

  31. 59 pieces in total so far!

  32. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!! The stuff we have got in is really amazing.

    All the above and any others that arrive before the 11th of March will be going into the show. Watch this space and the Westminster Libraries website for the official exhibition start date.

  33. I sent mine a little while ago but I don’t know if it will get there on time. Oh well, either way, it’s coming.

  34. Tyson, I think I’ve received it. Check on my REAL wall on the received pieces page as I scanned a whole load the other day. We now have over 100 pieces, so my apologies for not being able to thank everyone personally!

  35. What was the title of it Tyson? Did you upload it anywhere? If you send me a pic of it, I may be able to confirm if it’s been received.


    • There’s a picture of it on my blog ( It’s the second or third post down, called ‘Caveman String Theory.’ I’m pretty sure it hasn’t arrived yet.

      • Tyson – Great news! Your mailart has arrived!

      • Tyson – you wouldn’t believe the state of the envelope that your piece arrived in! I’ll post it on flickr and put a link here shortly. It must have gone through every machine from yours to here and looks like it’s been chewed by an animal! What a little big story this piece had!

      • Your envelope has been scanned and uploaded here – I’m amazed it made it at all looking like this! Glad it did though – “EArly String theory” is great!

  36. Hey Tyson – I’ve not yet seen this piece. So sorry it hasn’t arrived, it’s a great piece. I’ll leave you a comment on your blog if it gets here.

  37. Amazingly, another 37 pieces arrived yesterday! Thanks to Rebecca Guyver for organising mailart storytelling sessions! Some great work by the children, I’m currently trying to scan them all!

    Full list of pieces received coming soon. Over 100 stories received!

  38. All the latest mailart pieces now up on my REAL wall

    New works from the following also now in…

    “Temptress” by Jonathon Linkletter (Canada)
    “The Intercorstal” and “A Ghost Story” by Garth A Hopkins
    “Miss Moti and the Ultra Girl” by Kripa Joshi
    “Yummy” by David G Lindberg (USA)
    “Upbringing” by skeptlorist
    “A day of the dead” by Helen Macdonald (UK)
    “Kate Humble and Bill Odie build the horse of Troy” by Amy Oliver (UK)
    “Night of the munchies” by Red Inca (UK)
    35 stories from the classes of Rebecca Guyver – I’ve scanned and uploaded these to flickr with some of the quotes from the back of the postcards

  39. 109 pieces scanned so far! you guys are keeping me busy!

  40. 132 pieces now scanned and (mostly) captioned at my REAL wall with some pieces still coming in. If you can get them in by Wednesday 16th, they may still have a chance of getting on the walls of the library, so if you’re holding back, it’s your very last chance!

  41. Stories still flooding in – We got another 7 today and another 7 to scan that came in over the weekend. I will endeavour to get these up online as soon as I can!

  42. Details of the Graphic Novel Season are here: – events at Pimlico, Marylebone, Paddington and Westminster Reference Libraries.

  43. Hi! I just saw my work “Dream” on “my REAL wall”. Yea that was mine! :]

  44. The mail art show will start on the 4th of April 2011 where all mail art contributions sent in will be displayed. There were a few last minute pieces that were sent in just after the official dead line. They will also be included in the show. These are:

    “Rising Sun” by Helen McCarthy (UK)
    Untitled by Helen McCarthy (UK)
    Untitled by Sparkey Davis
    Untitled by Sparkey Davis
    “The Grim Reaper” by Anon (UK)
    Two “Future Imperfect” stories by Mortimer (Spain)
    “Curtains” by Lynn JR (USA)
    “Dream” by Veronika Avloshenko aka Niki (USA)
    “What is art?” by Petra Dzierzon (Germany)
    An excerpt from “Disaster and Resistance” by Seth Tobolman (USA)
    “M&H in London” by Heleen de Vaan (The Netherlands)
    “Alice’s Fall” by Daniela Dente (Italy)
    “The Cat’s Story” by Zois (USA)
    “Humans and Coakroaches” by L-plate Bigcheese (UK)
    “The Swarm” by Matthew Rogers (UK)
    “Mustache Attack” by Michael M. Mclean (USA)
    “Just Add Water” by Steve Loya (USA)
    Three pieces from “The End” by Dorian Ribas Marinho (Brazil)
    “Where’s All the People” by Bob Lynch (UK)
    Untitled by Izzie (UK)
    “He came from Saturn and she came from Mars” by Silvano Pertone (Italy)
    “Smoker on Adelaide St, Toronto,ON” by Dewi (Canada)
    Eight pieces by Dewi (Canada)
    “Only man was created” by Giuseppe Luca Torraco (Italy)
    Untitled by Petra Dzierzon (Germany)

    The above will soon be scanned and uploaded on my REAL wall.

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  47. Little Big on!! Library users and visitors are absolutely loving the art work on the walls. To all the contributors, thank you for the amazing art. The success of this show, is all due to your hard work and creativity.

  48. I would like to know if there is any pictures from the openning exhibithion? thanks

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