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Deck the shelves…

Opal Flutes at Westminster Music Library, December 2016So it’s that time of year again, the tree has gone up, we’ve covered the place in tinsel, the Santa hats have been dusted off and we’re starting to get sick of certain songs already… yes, Christmas time is officially upon us.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without us sharing the many festive musical events we’ve held in Westminster Music Library since the start of December…

Opal Flutes at Westminster Music Library, December 2016

Opening proceedings with a cracking selection of winter themed arrangements were the fabulous Opal Flutes flute choir, a bunch of keen amateur musicians of all standards and from many walks of life; as well as the standard flute we’re all familiar with, they also boast players of piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. So popular are they that they even have music specially arranged for them, Jingle Bells never sounded so good.

Staff get into the swing of the under fives' Christmas party at Westminster Music Library, December 2016

Having bid them all the very best for the festive season, it was time for the Music Library staff to take over and present the madness and mayhem that is the Under Fives Christmas Party, as ever with the help of the indispensable Georgina from Victoria Children’s Library:

Father Christmas came to the under fives' Christmas party at Westminster Music Library! December 2016“Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Under Fives Christmas Party in the Music Library, it’s right up there with the Queen’s Speech”

And of course there was a visit from the one and only Father Christmas (we know who you are, and your secret’s safe with us…).

Our musical entertainment managed to conjure up a lot of happy faces although there were a few tears. It’s amazing how competitive parents can be when it comes to the race for getting a Christmas present for being “good all year”…

Carols with Knightsbridge Brass at Westminster Music Library, December 2016

Once Santa had departed to continue his gift distribution and we’d tidied up the tinsel, our thoughts turned to our grand finale Westminster Music Library Christmas event – a carol evening including mince pies and silly stories, and the amazing musical accompaniment of Knightsbridge Brass, a quintet of brass players from The Band of the Scots Guards.

Carols with Knightsbridge Brass at Westminster Music Library, December 2016A little different from Trooping the Colour, they were all game enough to trade in their bearskins for Santa Hats and provide exceptional musical back up for the carolling crowd – which reached a record breaking number this Christmas.

And that’s us done for this year’s Christmas celebrations in the Music Library, although we’re still eating the mince pies…


Christmas books? We’ve got them covered

Christmas comes but once a year, as they say… It is a time for family gatherings and celebration, for feasting and relaxing. A time when many people will give and receive books as presents (many of which may be destined never to get read!).

Christmas book lists

Click on the image above or go to http://bit.ly/christmasbks to get a flavour of what you can find in your library this Christmas season – there are fiction, non-fiction and children’s selections available, with more titles being added all the time.

There is a selection of new stories and other books set around a theme of Christmas time. There are family stories of course, but also many murder mysteries. A game of Cluedo may go down well after the Christmas dinner, but by Boxing Day evening the presence of in-laws may be pushing some people’s patience towards committing the ultimate crime – at least that’s how the plot traditionally goes!

Festive in death, by JD RobbFor instance – How about this from the blurb for Festive in Death by JD Robb:

“The kitchen knife jammed into his cold heart pinned a cardboard sign to his well-toned chest. It read: Santa Says You’ve Been Bad!!!”

A New York Christmas by Anne PerryCrime writer Anne Perry has been producing a Christmas crime story each year for the last few years. Her latest is  called A New York Christmas.

Many ‘chick-lit’ and family saga writers are increasingly tapping into this market with seasonally-set stories. Some of the authors featured in our list will have stories from previous years also in stock.

For lovers of romantic stories, Mills & Boon always publish a selection of seasonal romances around Christmas time.

So settle down with a book, a glass and a mince pie and enjoy finding out how these fictional characters past and present cope with the festive season.

A very pirate Christmas by Timothy Knapman– Look on the Christmas display shelves and stands in your local library for these and other seasonal books, such as ideas for Christmas cooking, crafts and decorations, Christmas customs and history.
– Look also for Christmas carols – both as songbooks and recordings on CD.
– Look in the children’s library for Christmassy picture books, stories, craft activities, and books about Christmas time.