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Kate Mosse in support of libraries

Kate Mosse being filmed for The Politics Show in Pimlico Library

Kate Mosse being filmed for The Politics Show in Pimlico Library

Last week Pimlico Library was visited by the BBC and award winning author Kate Mosse (Labyrinth,  Sepulchre, etc) to film a report for Sunday’s Politics Show (the feature is approximately 40 mins into the show).

Her report was about the possible cuts that libraries are facing across the country. In the show, Kate asserts that
“the British library service is the envy of the world” and that “…books matter”.

She is not the only writer backing public libraries. The Bookseller magazine recently highlighted the growing movement of authors and others who are vocally condemning library cuts [Bookseller.com, 14 November and 29 November 2010].

While here, Kate and the BBC crew got a chance to tour the library and get an idea of what makes a modern library service tick. In the programme the multifaceted aspect of libraries was the lynchpin of her feature. She talked about how library activities go beyond books and into information provision as well as community involvement, saying:

“…[libraries] are social hubs, they are cultural hubs, literary hubs, they are places were people come to do their homework, read novels, write novels…they are places where everybody whoever they are, however old or young, male or female, can come and be part of something…”
Kate Mosse