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We’re open! [Marylebone Library on the move… pt9]

We opened on time, welcomed back some ‘old faces’, and – excitingly – some new users. People saw the sign outside and thought, “Oh, a library – that’s great!”
In they came in with no idea that they were pioneers, and soon every space was being used. Continue reading


Marylebone Library on the move… pt8

You can’t run a library without clocks. For a start, the library users like to know what the time is. As for the staff, the clock rules, regulates and directs all our working lives. Continue reading

Marylebone Library on the move… pt7

To move a library, you pack everything up, load it into vans, unload it all at the other end, and arrange the furniture, the books and the computers in the new premises – right? Wrong! Continue reading

Marylebone Library on the move… pt6

Now that the old library in Marylebone Road has closed, we’re working hard to get the new library at Macintosh House (Beaumont Street) ready to open on the 28th. Everywhere you look, people are crouching in corners, reaching up to ceilings and squeezing themselves into tiny spaces. It’s finishing time at the new Marylebone Library. Continue reading

Marylebone Library on the move… pt5

Between the first day of closure – Monday 12 August – and the day of the reopening on Wednesday 28 August, all of the above (and lots of other items I haven’t mentioned) will be packed, moved, unpacked, placed in position, moved a bit because they don’t look quite right, moved again because they’re blocking the fire exit… you get the picture. Continue reading