Monday evening knitting at Marylebone Library

Marylebone Library’s knitting club was set up to introduce adults to the meditative art of knitting and to encourage seasoned knitters to share their skills with others. Knitting can bring about a state of mindfulness that many people find relaxing and beneficial to their mental health, learning a new skill can also build confidence and self-esteem.

We started an initial run of four weeks which extended to six weeks by popular demand and had a range of people attend with varying levels of knitting knowledge. Complete beginners were offered one-to-one individual guidance to encourage them to work at their own pace whilst others with a moderate level of knowledge were encouraged to expand their repertoire by learning new techniques and stitch patterns.

The group soon became familiar with one another which introduced a social aspect to the meetings and encouraged a further level of skill sharing. We hope the meetings were an enjoyable and educational event for all that participated and hope to continue in the new year with blocks of six sessions repeated throughout the year. We’re hoping to include crochet too.

Interested in taking part? Keep an eye on our events page, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Angel at Marylebone Library


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