Counting down to Christmas

Merry Christmas from Westminster Libraries & Archives!Last Sunday, 27 November, was the first day of the Christian religious season of Advent. In November?!? Yes – Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, the nearest Sunday to 30 November. As the first day of Advent does not reliably fall on a particular date, most of the daily Advent Calendars that are bought or made nowadays begin on 1 December and are a countdown of 24 days up to and including Christmas Eve, 24 December.

We’re pleased to announce the return of the Westminster Libraries and Archives online Advent Calendar. In keeping with the more ‘usual’ format, the daily entries will begin on Thursday 1 December. Those of you who have enjoyed this little celebration of all things festive, interesting or seasonally useful in the past will recognise some of the themes and pictures – it’s Christmas after all, a time of familiar traditions as well as novel gifts. But while many an old favourite will feature, we’ve also unearthed new treasures and will be asking you to take part in a new ‘Christmas Favourites’ survey.

Advent Calendar 2015

So add to your favourites, look out for daily reminders and tweets, and join us in a particularly librarianly lead up to Christmas!


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