Lego at the library

Did you know there’s now a Lego Club at Pimlico Library?

Pimlico Library Lego Club display, September 2016The first of the monthly Saturday sessions was at the end of September. Once we’d decided to set up the club, we put out a call for any unwanted lego. To start with, there were no donations and we wondered if that might be the end of the idea! But in the end a very generous customer and a member of staff at another Westminster library saved the day – Lego Club was on.

Like any good club, there are proper membership cards and a few rules, such as:

  • Respect others’ creations
  • Help tidy up at the end
  • Have fun!

Each session has a theme and this one was ‘Robots’, which went down a treat. Future planned themes are ‘They came from Outer Space’ and ‘Mad Inventors’. There was some initial discussion, a good chunk of build time and a show & tell of creations at the end.

The kids, parents and I had a great time. They were engaged and had fun. They also loved the idea that there would be a display of their creations, for themselves and other children to see what they had made. So if you like the sound of Lego Club and your children are aged between 5 and 11, we’ll see you on Saturday 22 October at 10.30am!

Pimlico Library Lego Club, September 2016



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