They know more than we think they do…

Books about Dewey the library catA recent free event at St John’s Wood Library covered all things feline. Jenny Stephany delivered a talk and activity session on Cat Care.

Through a hands-on presentation and craft activity, Jenny guided cat lovers on how to offer excellent care and protection to their feline friends.

Approximately ten minutes after the event had begun, a solitary cat walked into the library. He was a gorgeous tabby cat, with friendly manners and a collar. Duty Supervisor Stuart thought the cat was arriving on cue for the presenter and he made a mental note to ask Jenny how she managed to train him to walk into the library, at the right time, on his own. The cat went straight into the Children’s Library where Jenny was just starting to talk about the importance of collars and microchips, jumped on the crafts table to be acknowledged and received a grand welcome from the audience. A perfect way to bring the talk to life!

Cat Care Essentials by Francesca Riccomini Cat Care by Carly Bacon DK Complete Cat Care

But it turned out that the cat was not Jenny’s and she had not arranged this most fitting visit. He happily jumped into Stuart’s arms and was brought into the library office where his collar – with name plate and microchip company phone numbers – was investigated. After a few rounds of phone calls, the cat was reunited with the owner. A happy ending and a great illustration of the points made in Jenny’s talk.

This was the last cat care event scheduled at the moment, but keep an eye on our Forthcoming events page for future dates.



One response to “They know more than we think they do…

  1. This is hilarious! The cat must have sensed the gathering of cat fans 🙂


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