Improbable in Church Street Library

In October 2015, Church Street Library invited local children and young people (aged 11-18) to get involved in a new theatre activity. Library staff worked with Improbable theatre company, running workshops in improvisation, puppetry and show devising during November and December. At the end of the project the group put on a performance in – and about – the library:

At the end of the project, we asked the participants what they thought, here’s a selection of their responses to two of the questions:

What was your favourite thing about being involved in the project?
“The reaction of the audience during and after the performance; different from other drama lessons.”
“My favourite thing was performing”
“It makes me feel happy”
“The reaction of the audience”
“Really enjoyed the sessions and loved performing the play”

What have you learned from being involved in the project?
“More confidence in improvising and performing and in myself”
“I learned to be creative”
“I have learnt that it’s not so scary to be loud and confident”
“More confidence in myself”

They also had a ‘feedback wall’ to find out what the audience thought on the night:

The last word goes to Debora, a member of staff at Church Street Library and the key link between the theatre company, the library and the young people taking part:

Church Street Library with Improbable - audience feedback December 2015“What made it really special was seeing the library coming to life through this diverse approach; the connection between the performance and the library space, its usage, facilities and most poignantly its background.

The performers took the audience through this informative yet imaginative journey – incentivising them to become potential future users of libraries.”



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