Travels in London

You might think of the Schools Library Service (SLS), if you know of us at all, as simply providing fiction and topic-based resources to schools each term – our ‘Project Loans’ service. This is a key part of our work, of course, but we also offer other things, including visiting schools and helping them to make the most of their school libraries.

In the middle of a stock weed: Westminster SLS

In the middle of a stock weed…

We travel to schools in the three boroughs (Westminster, Kensington & Chlesea, and Hammersmith & Fulham) and beyond and meet with teachers and school library staff to whom we offer advice and assistance.

Dissection Guide IV: the Rabbit, by HGQ Rowett, MA

A recent find!

We weed tattered and out of date books and suggest further ways to improve the school library, whether it’s in a draughty corridor or a purpose built room.  Sometimes we find most unusual items!

After whittling down library stock we want to help build the collection back up again. We’ll select lovely new books to enrich the collection as well as the minds of their young readers, and in so doing we keep the SLS afloat as we are self-financing.

We travel around London by bus, tube, on foot, bicycle and even, at times, in vehicles in which we get collected from the station. Nick, as the manager of the entire operation, goes further afield than the rest of us.  Today he’s in Brent, yesterday Croydon! Tomorrow…

And not forgetting that we continue to support school staff by providing a range of training courses. We’ve just had a terrific one on Running your Primary School Library.



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