Takeover Day at Maida Vale Library

On Friday 20 November the City of Westminster Archives Centre, Maida Vale Library and St John’s Wood Library participated in the Kids in Museums‘ national initiative ‘Takeover Day’. This initiative aims to give young people the opportunity to participate in a work environment, assisting staff and volunteers in their work and contributing to the life of an organisation.

This is the second of three posts today about #takeoverday – how did it go at Maida Vale Library?

Holding a Takeover Day (or morning, in our case) was a first for Maida Vale Library but unlikely to be the last. Six Year 4 students from Ark Atwood Primary Academy descended upon the library to find out just what working in a local library is all about. And we set them straight to work!

Milo & Sirine were enlisted to help prepare and deliver our Friday Under Fives session, taking charge of the puppets and even reading a Peppa Pig story. Minor concerns on our part that they might be reluctant to take part were unfounded as they proved themselves totally unfazed by the hundred strong crowd! The jungle puppets did seem to be misbehaving a bit more than usual though, with Milo being the primary target…

Of course it’s not all songs and puppets working in a library. Rayya & Sonya helped out with some of the more routine tasks such as counting the previous day’s takings and helping process the new books. Then Tom & Alice helped plan our Over Fives Christmas Party and Milo & Sirine helped design the poster for the event.

Takeover Day 2015We’d like to say thank you to all our helpers and to everyone at Ark Atwood who made the morning possible, including deputy head teacher Sam Baxter as well as all the adults who accompanied the children on the day including teaching assistant, Eleanor and parent volunteers, Fiona & Rita. We might just see you again next year!


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