Halloween party fun at Maida Vale

Hallowe'en at Maida Vale Library 2015

During the half-term week, Maida Vale Library had a number of children’s events taking place, including a ‘Scary Scribbles’ competition – encouraging all ages to draw the scariest monster imaginable, and a ‘Horrid Hunt’ word and picture quiz, featuring hidden Halloween images around the library.  The week concluded with the most fun had at a library ever: The Halloween Party!

Hallowe'en at Maida Vale Library 2015 - Scary Scribbles

Over 70 guests were in attendance, most dressed in colourful costume, there to enjoy games such as ‘Vampire Whispers’,  ‘Pass the pumpkin’ and ‘Poison apple’ –  which was certainly a highlight! As were a few of the jokes that the host ‘Count Dracula’ incorporated throughout the evening. These all had a fair bit of audience participation (the host bellowing the question and attendees shouting out in an elated fashion what they thought were the answers!).

Hallowe'en at Maida Vale Library 2015Example of these witty nuggets:

‘What is a ghost’s favourite ride at the theme park?
The roller-ghoster’

‘What does a ghost use to wash its hair?

The early evening extravaganza also featured the ‘Box of Doom!’ a popular favourite, where children were invited to guess what items were hidden inside the dark, mysterious cavernous container…

Hallowe'en at Maida Vale Library 2015

In addition, the party was host to a face-painting and portrait photo session with Image Thirst, who provided additional entertainment.

“…it’s so nice to have a safe place where children can come and have a fun time at Halloween”

It was said that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves – staff and volunteers overseeing the mayhem, the adults accompanying and of course the children!

Hallowe'en at Maida Vale Library 2015

The party organisers are now looking ahead and have started the planning for the (now hotly anticipated) Christmas bash!

Matt (aka Count Dracula)


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