Immunity to great band leaders – it’s the Monthly Meet Up!

Our reporter at the St John’s Wood Library Monthly Meet Up:

LymphocyteOur Monthly Meet Up group for the over 50s gets together on the last Wednesday of every month. September’s Meet Up focused on the immune system. As older adults can be more prone to infection and illness, it is important that we understand the effects that age has on our immune system, why the immune system declines with age and how to maintain our health as we grow older.

Megan and Neil are both researchers within the Division of Infection and Immunity at UCL and we were very happy to have them come and talk about their work and our immune system. The talk was very interesting and the event was very well attended – we struggled to fit everyone in and had to call for additional chairs which we squeezed into the back – Megan and Neil were very informative and spent quite a while answering our questions after the talk was over.

We discussed what our immune system actually is (essentially our natural biological defence), typical diseases which can affect the elderly and what we can do to improve our immune function (healthy living is a very important factor).

One of the most vital aspects of research is finding volunteers, which are relied on to study the effects of age on our immune systems. There are two main groups that they study – the Under 35s and Over 65s. Most studies involve 15 minute visits to take blood or to do skin tests. If anyone is interested volunteering or are interested in finding out if they can help then please contact Research Nurse Megan Harries on 07341127838 or email her at

In all, it was a very engaging talk from some extremely knowledgeable medical professionals – our thanks to Megan and Neil.

The next Monthly Meet is on 28 October and we’ll be treated to another talk on a great band leader from Mr Gilbert, a well known figure in St John’s Wood. He used to run Gilbert’s shop in Circus Road which sold mainly books and newspapers. He is also well known for his passions for football, cricket and music.

The Blanch Coleman Orchestra, from Ivy Benson Online

Next week we will hear about Blanche Coleman, who did not get the recognition she merited but led Blanche Coleman And Her All Girls Band, one of the first women’s bands of the 1940s. All are welcome – join us for fun times!

[Shaun and Ivana]


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