Record Breaking Volunteers

Record Breakers logoThe Summer Reading Challenge update this week focuses on the work of our volunteers. With lots of children and families using our libraries to join in Record Breakers over the summer, we have a great team of ‘reading mentors’ who volunteer over the holiday to help us deliver the Challenge.

We have some fabulous helpers who have been talking to children about their books, handing out stickers and rewards and assisting with events. Children have loved taking to them and telling them about their books.

There have been 90 summer volunteers this year across our 10 libraries, so far giving over 950 hours between them. That’s a lot of stickers given out! In turn our volunteers have enjoyed their time with us and have gained some valuable work experience.

Zahra, Summer reading Challenge Volunteer 2015

Pictured is Zahra, one of the summer volunteers at Maida Vale Library, who says:

“It’s a blessing to work with a scheme that helps to maintain and enhance the kids’ reading over the summer, so that when they’re back in school they don’t lose that confidence or excitement in reading… It’s a privilege to help get all involved in the fun, to see the various creative activities happening in the library and to work alongside such a great team. Absolutely recommend everyone to volunteer and to get involved in any way possible, whichever borough you’re in and whenever you can. It’s worth it – lovely people and a lovely initiative!”

A big THANK YOU to all our volunteers!



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