Cooking up History returns

The Cooking up History team present: 2015 v 1951
Can the Britain of 2015 learn anything from the food rationed Britain of 1951?

The ABC of Cookery, 1951In the ‘thrifty 50s’, rationing was still in place… right up until 1954!

A recent addition to the collections of Westminster City Archives is a 1951 edition of The Ministry of Food’s ABC of Cookery, kindly donated by volunteer David Evans.

The recipes record the flavours of the postwar years in vivid detail, providing a useful insight to a 2015 audience of a time when people made the most of what was available to them.

The Cooking Up History team have taken recipes from the pages of the ABC of Cookery and have made them into meal plans (starter, mains and desserts) – one meal plan will be published on our blog every Friday in August. There will be a commentary and pictures of our efforts as we cook up recipes from the thrifty 50s.

Can we learn anything from food rationed Britain today?
Let’s find out together – why not get cooking at home and post your own dishes and thoughts to the blog?
View the first post on Friday 6 August and August Fridays thereafter!



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