All the fun of the Fayre!

Marylebone Liubrary stall at the Summer Fayre 2015I missed last year’s Marylebone Summer Fayre, so I’d forgotten how much fun it is.

The Howard de Walden Estate – which owns most of Marylebone – closes the High Street and several of the side streets (in cahoots with the Council, of course), installs a music stage in Paddington Street Gardens, and populates the whole area with stalls selling an astonishing range of food and drink, a tempting array of jewellery and craftwork, and us! Marylebone Library has had a stall for several years now, and as outreach it’s hard to beat.

We joined people up, we made sure that existing members knew about all our services, and we flogged some withdrawn DVDs and CDs (which flew off the table).

Marylebone Liubrary stall at the Summer Fayre 2015

Were we downhearted when it rained hard? Well, yes, we were rather! But we stiffened our upper lips and carried on, and it didn’t last long. Soon the crowds were back on the streets, and the party carried on right through the afternoon.

I think a good time was had by all. It was by me.



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