We have some Issues, Online

Skin Deep: debating body image - Issues seriesInformation overload may be a fact of life when the simplest of internet searches produce several million – often unreliable – results. Combined with the fact that most issues are complex, it is not surprising that people become overwhelmed.

Help is at hand for Westminster Libraries members who can access the brilliant resource ISSUES Online from home or consult printed versions of the series which are held in the Marylebone Library reference collection.

The Issues series includes publications which look into a wide variety of social issues which affect the modern world. While being absolutely ideal for school projects, anyone of any age who is trying to get a grasp of the subject matter covered should take a look at these slim and accessible volumes.

War and Conflict - Issues series Equality and Gender Roles - Issues series Citizenship in the UK - Issues series

As well as being able to browse through the resource to find the item you are interested in, you can also perform a keyword search. Furthermore, as you are reading you will find links to useful organisations, complete assignments to increase your understanding of a particular subject, and a glossary to help clarify what particular terms mean.

To sum up why this is an invaluable resource:

  • Save time
    Why spend hours trawling the web when ISSUES Online provides articles, statistics, videos, e-books and links, right at your fingertips?
  • Critical thinking
    The articles and statistics you’ll find on ISSUES Online are from a variety of different sources: newspapers, charity groups, Government reports, blogs, magazines, etc. This wide range can help you to be aware of the origin of the text you’re reading, and think about why someone might have written it. Is an opinion being expressed? Do you agree with the writer? Is there potential bias to the ‘facts’ or statistics offered?
  • Further Research
    At the end of each article you will find its source, and a web address that you can visit to carry out further research.

Social Media - Issues seriesIntrigued?
PSHE homework assignment looming?
Use your library card number to log in to ISSUES Online free, right now, or pop into Marylebone Library and browse.



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