Rivers of London: A Hidden Chapter

Rivers of London (Westminster Reference Library, April 2015)Ever wonder how the London Met fends off supernatural criminals in the capital?
Or if ghosts are real?
If Rivers could talk, what would they say…?

All these questions and more were answered in Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovitch‘s supernatural urban fantasy novel and our 2015 Cityread London book.

But the story didn’t end there.

Westminster Reference Library, in conjunction with Cityread and LookLeft LookRight Theatre hosted an interactive theatre performance that ran on Saturdays and Sundays throughout April. The top floor of the library was converted into a special police department: the official training centre for new recruits of the Supernatural Sciences Branch!

Rivers of London (Westminster Reference Library, April 2015)

Anne tells us how she fared on her first day as a wizard’s apprentice….

“Unfortunately I did not have what it takes to become a new police apprentice studying magic at the Folly, but I had a really good time trying out for a place last Sunday.

Sixteen prospective applicants met at Westminster Reference Library, where the top floor had been transformed into The Folly – the training academy for the magic police division in the Cityread book Rivers of London. PC Peter Grant from the book spoke to us first and explained how we would be tested and then we were off in small groups to meet the different protagonists.

I saw Sir Isaac Newton first in a room where the Sherlock Holmes collection had been transformed into a 17th Century study to explain the underlying principles of magic. Then it was onto see Inspector Nightingale who tested our powers of observation in a crime scene, and finally we met with Mama Thames herself and her daughter Beverley Brook. Although a number of us had passed the tests up to this point we all failed to produce a werelight in the laboratory, so none of us made the grade… but we all had a magical time trying.”

Cityread London was a brilliant experience for all concerned this year. We hope that you managed to get involved in some way, either by reading the book, coming to an event, or taking part in discussions online. Roll on Cityread 2016…


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