Comic club update

Our Last Forum: Gotham – Comicbook to TV.
With four TV shows produced by DC now running on prime time television, the Marylebone Library Graphic Novel Club took the opportunity to review Gotham in December.

Gotham Logo (Photo Credit: Fox Television)

When a young Bruce Wayne (Batman) witnesses the murder of his parents, the new detective in town James Gordon navigates a system of corrupt cops and powerful criminals to bring justice to the city. Featuring the origins of famous Batman villains, this series is a visceral crime drama with a twist for comic book aficionados and non-readers alike.

If you enjoy this then you should also check out:

  • Arrow now in its third season follows the young billionaire Oliver Queen as he risks life, love and wealth to protect his city.
  • The Flash the now successful series featuring an unlikely hero who made his first debut on the Arrow TV show. now launches into its own show with the same production team behind it.
  • Constantine featuring DC Comics’ resident bad boy who likes to dabble in the supernatural could become a cult classic in the next few years.

At the next meeting on 7 January we will discuss The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman [NB: There will be spoilers!]. Whether you’re new to the series or and veteran of the Walking Dead, we’ll be discussing the successes and failures of both the Comic book and TV series in a bid to discover what’s the big deal with Zombies anyway? And what miracles and tragedies are likely to make or break the Walking Dead franchise.



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