From FanFilm to Nobrow – Comic Club update

We’ve not posted a comic club update for a while, but that doesn’t mean the Marylebone Library Graphic Novel Group has been inactive. Far from it! Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been doing in the last few months:

July: Breaking Into Comics: The Art of Self Publishing

Breaking into comics: the art of self-publishing This was a fantastic event, perfect for anyone with an interest in the creative and marketing processes behind comic books, sequential art, and creative literature. Our panel of writers, artists and sellers discussed challenges and solutions for creating, self-publishing and marketing based on their experiences and knowledge as specialists in the field.

MangaAugust: What’s the Manga with You?

Our group has a history now of focussing our attention on western titles and western topics, yet illustrated narratives have a long history across the globe. In the hope of expanding our reading palates, we considered why Manga comics are so widely accepted across East-Asia when compared to graphic novels in the west.

Crying FreemanSeptember: Comics Of My Youth

We took a looked at comics that influenced us and our reading when we were young. Whether it was Archie, Crying Freeman, Superman or Book of Magic, we welcomed all contributions.

October: The FanFilm Edition

October’s meeting was a fantastic social with film views reminiscent of an Everyman Cinema. Our group watched three “fanfilms” inspired by comic books.

November: Nobrow and other Indie titles

Last month we took a look at some independent titles with Nobrow acting as a catalyst for our discussions. Nobrow Magazine is a biannual textless publication released in May and November of each year. The artists and illustrators in each issue are carefully selected and invited to contribute work based on a theme.

Further to our discussion, the group considered the qualities and features that attracted them to a specific comic book title as well as how our selection processes may have narrowed our scope of reading pleasure or blown it wide open to a world of bad art and poor writing.

This topic was a refreshing revival of some more independent titles from our youth that can still be found across the library service, and although it was a challenge to get our hands on the independent series, Nobrow will be arriving on our library shelves in the next few weeks.

The Walking Dead by Robert KirkmanThe Graphic Novel Group meets monthly at Marylebone Library. The next meeting is tonight, 3 December, discussing ‘Comicbook to TV’. On 7 January 2015 we’ll be talking about ‘The Walking Dead’ by Robert Kirkman (there will be spoilers!) and then on 4 February it’s ‘Breaking Into Comics: Volume 2’. See you there.



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