Teddy Bear Diplomacy at Paddington Children’s Library

Paddington Bear visits Paddington Library, November 2014. Photos courtesy of Gavin Conlon Photography Ltd.Paddington Library receives visitors from all over the world. They come to use the library’s wide range of services, often revisiting on subsequent trips to London. The library also receives visits from overseas librarians and educationalists who have heard about our community outreach, our Summer Reading Challenge, our homework club and how we engage with young people.

Last Friday we had a very special guest in the form of Paddington Bear, all the way from Darkest Peru. We promised to look after him well, and he brought two friends with him…

His Excellency the Peruvian Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Julio Muñoz-Deacon (accompanied by his wife and Embassy officials) and his Excellency the British Ambassador to Peru, Mr Anwar Choudhury visited together to read a Paddington Bear story to the Under 5’s song and rhyme group.

As you can see from the photos Paddington Bear thoroughly enjoyed his visit and the children were delighted with our special guest.

Pictures courtesy of Gavin Conlon Photography Ltd.


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