“I love my local library and all of its quirks”

It’s not just Guardian Witness (see ‘Love Letters to Libraries‘) who are celebrating the wonders of the library service at the moment – since 8 November, BBC 6 Music has been doing loads of programmes from, about, and inspired by libraries.

We love this brilliant poem about the local library, read on 6 Music by the author, Scroobius Pip:

Tomorrow, 21 November, is the final day of the celebration:

“On Friday 21 November, Steve Lamacq (16:00 – 19:00) takes his programme to the British Library in London. The first time a radio show has ever broadcast live from the national library of the United Kingdom.

The programme will be broadcast from the Entrance Hall of the library, which houses one of the most fascinating and comprehensive Sound Archives in the world. While there, Steve will be exploring its extensive Sound Archive – home to 19th-century cylinders to CDs, Beatles’ manuscripts, 2000 complete John Peel programmes, original demos by The Who – as well as a one off Capital Radio show hosted by Jonny Rotten himself, John Lydon.

Steve will be speaking to the brains behind this great British institution and taking a trip around the current exhibitions, which include modern musical artefacts such as original Beatles lyrics on the back of envelopes.

Sample supremoes, DJ Yoda and Public Service Broadcasting will create brand new tracks from the library’s Sound Archive. Public Service Broadcasting will take listeners on a tour and explain how information films and archive footage inspire their music making; while DJ Yoda has the three hours of the show to produce and perform a brand new track, sampled from their extensive Sound Archive.”

From 6 Music Celebrates Libraries



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