SWr1tes: Ryan, Moustafa, Boniface and a historical walk

The front entrance to Pimlico Library

SWr1tes, the Pimlico Library Book Festival, drew to a close last week after a really successful series of author events. Some authors were primarily discussing their own work, others were offering tips and advice on getting published, the writing process and more.

“It was fantastic”
“Thoroughly enjoyable”

These were just some of the responses to William Ryan’s visit to Pimlico Library. It was a very interesting presentation where William revealed how he conducted research work in Moscow for his novels set in 1930s Russia. He also took time out to discuss his book The Bloody Meadow. We hope inspiration has set in and that we will be lending works by the Book Group members very soon!

William Ryan visits Pimlico Library for SWr1tes 2014

A slightly different kind of SWwr1tes event was a walking tour of the Pimlico area with reference to World War One, led by Chris Everett. Chris’s tour included Dolphin Square – which was the site of the Government-owned Army Clothing factory at the time – and concluded at Victoria Station where many embarked for battle. The walk was very popular with calls for more. One member said that she “enjoyed the walk immensely” and that Pimlico Library was “vibrant with a real buzz about it”. Another commented that Chris “knew his stuff” with further comments that the tour was “knowledgeable and well delivered”.

Chris Everett leads a WW1 themed walk from Pimlico Library for SWr1tes 2014

Egypt: the elusive Arab Spring, by Wafik MoustafaLater in the week, Dr Wafik Moustafa presented his book Egypt- the elusive Arab Spring. The subject was a very topical issue at the moment and this was reflected in the audience of local residents and attendees from various academic institutions. This contributed to what one member of the audience described as “a very informed discussion”. We are grateful for Dr Moustafa taking time out from his role as a doctor and as a member of Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics to come to Pimlico Library. As one of the audience noted, an “excellent choice”.

And finally, the Festival concluded with a workshop on self-presentation by Edward St Boniface, author of The London Trilogy. He gave tips and advice to all budding authors, who were inspired by Edward’s journey to being published. There was an excellent response to the workshop with a member of the audience stating “This was a very good talk with a great speaker. Informed, polite and professional”.

Edward St Boniface visits Pimlico Library for SWr1tes 2014

We would like to thank Edward and all our authors, speakers and tutors who have contributed their time to the Festival. A big thank you to the staff of Pimlico Library for putting the events on and Random House for the donation of books for the book sale. Lastly a thank you to all the members of the public, all 162 of you who came to the events and supported the Festival.

Until we read again,

The Quiet Librarian


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