Silver Sunday at Paddington Library

While Westminster Music Library got a head start by holding their Silver Sunday 2014 activity on a Saturday (‘Keeping the home fires burning’), Paddington Library filled the whole of the Sunday with a wide range of interesting and absorbing activities…

Silver Sunday 2014 at Paddington LibraryTim Killick, who trained in Hatha Yoga for two years with the British Wheel of Yoga, ran a chair yoga session which consisted of working on a basic relaxed posture with supported breath. He explained that, practised daily, this can strengthen the supporting muscles of the spine and free the shoulders and neck as the breath is guided into the ribs. It is far more difficult than one imagines but gets much easier the more it is practised and is the basis for good health encouraging free flow of energy in the body. According to Tom, a lot of ills, especially in later life can be traced to poor posture blocking the energy flow and leading to tension and overuse of certain muscles and joints.

There was also a play reading session, which took the last act of the ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ by Oscar Wilde as its basis. Participants started the session with a chance to examine some lace work of the period, handmade sleeves, collars and handkerchiefs (part of a trousseau); also a mother of pearl hand painted fan and chamois leather evening gloves with mother of pearl buttons, some still in their wrappers. Participants swapped parts so that everyone got a chance to read a large part. We had forgotten how very amusing the play is and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The session finished with real coffee and chocolate biscuits. The whole afternoon was a treat.

Silver Sunday

Meanwhile, the IT classes comprised a beginners IT session focusing on internet searching and email. Participants were registered with the Learn My Way package which is interactive and allows the users to progress at their own pace. Once registered they can practice unaided at any time on any PC or they can get volunteer support  in Paddington Library every Friday. Other classes included an Online Shopping session and a Family History class – both proved invaluable and participants received easy to follow handouts for use in the class and for future reference.

The regular knitting class attracted its band of busy workers who made some delightful creations.

Silver Sunday 2014 at Paddington LibraryAnd to round off a successful day, a colleague from Havering Libraries took us through our paces and kept us on our toes with Fitsteps fitness training. A bottle of water was the order of the day if we felt out of puff and a good time was had by all.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the library again, and roll on Silver Sunday 2015!



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