We love to boogie

All aboard!
Westminster Music Library played host to The Strings Club as they “took to the road”, giving local children across Westminster a free taste of their award-winning music workshops. The fun packed instrumental workshop we were about to enjoy proved to be the perfect way for our young musicians to while away a rainy afternoon in London, and also gave their hard pressed parents a bit of a break from puzzling over just what to do next as the school holidays drew to a close.

The Strings Club at Westminster Music Library, August 2014

So what is it all about? Since 2012, The Strings Club have been running holiday camps and term-time classes to inspire children as young as four to develop their music skills, make new friends, and most importantly to have fun while they’re doing it.  Our session, led by workshop leaders Daniel and Georgina, kicked off with some warm up musical activities and games, then each participant was invited try their hand at playing the guitar or the violin.

The Strings Club at Westminster Music Library, August 2014

After a brief discussion and try-out session, everyone chose which instrument they’d prefer and disappeared off to various library nooks and crannies to rehearse. Some of our young musicians had something of a head start, as we already had some potential Paganinis and Segovias in our midst, so not allowed to get off lightly, they were encouraged to entertain us with some splendid solos.

The Strings Club at Westminster Music Library, August 2014

But this was only the warm-up act, the ensemble performance of a five bar blues from our budding entertainers was excellent considering they’d only had a couple of hours practice, and a masterful rendition of boogie-woogie by tutors Daniel and Georgina really showed what can be achieved with a little application.

Let’s hope The Strings Club passes through here again soon as they seemed to go down rather well…

“Well organised and fast paced enough for small kids.”
“It was a fantastic opportunity for my son, very inspirational, thank you.”
“We really enjoyed ourselves, loved all the instruments.”
“Absolutely brilliant, would like to see more of these organised, we’ll definitely come back.”
“This was a fantastic family event – educational, fun, informative and very, very enjoyable.”



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