Indian Magic in Paddington

Indian Magic by Balraj KhannaThe Paddington Library Reading Group enjoyed an illustrated talk last week by prize winning local author Balraj Khannawho spoke about his recently published  novel, Indian Magic.

The story is set in the 1960’s when a well educated young Indian man, Ravi Kumar Mehra arrives  in London to make his way in life and ‘make his fortune’. He finds himself in a series of hilarious situations out of which he has to navigate his way, finally falling in love with a young English girl.The style is lighthearted and the reader does empathise with the young man.

Balraj has written 10 books on art, a children’s story book entitled The Rajah King of the Jungle  and 4 works of fiction: The Mists of Simla and Indian Magic, Sweet Chillies and Nation of Fools. The latter was judged as one of the 200 best novels in English published between 1950 and 2000.

The author is also an artist and has had over 55 one man art shows nationally and internationally and scores of mixed exhibitions. Balraj had a major retrospective last year at MOMA Wales – and his work was seen more recently at Osborne Samuel Gallery in Mayfair three months ago. He also had the honour of being commissioned to paint the Safety Curtain of the newly refurbished Birmingham’s Hippodrome Theatre, the largest painting in this country.

Author Balraj Khanna visits Paddington Library, August 2014

This event was part of the Paddington Festival which runs from June to September in the north west of City Of Westminster.



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