Le Labyrinthe Mythique!

Anansi & Garuda - copyright Sarah McIntyre for The Reading AgencyThis year, for the first time ever, the Summer Reading Challenge is being exported abroad. Destination: Place des Fetes library, Paris – Church Street Library’s ‘twin’!

Children will be able to participate in this exciting adventure and will receive – as the children in England do – stickers, posters, gifts and certificates. For the first time in France, librarians will be running a book challenge and discovering what we organise here in libraries every summer.

Minotaur - copyright Sarah McIntyre for The Reading AgencyThe Mythical Maze / Le Labyrinthe Mystique will be another opportunity to exchange information about work practice, help adults and children find out more about another country, encourage them to learn a foreign language etc. Indeed, selections of books in English in Place des Fetes and books in French in Church Street Library are now available for customers from both libraries.

Yeti - copyright Sarah McIntyre for The Reading AgencyPlace des Fetes will also organise events for children about Legends and Monsters and will exchange artworks with Church Street Library’s children throughout the summer. Again, works will be displayed in both libraries and we hope to post some here on the blog.

In September, a ceremony will be held at Place des Fetes and every child who has read 6 books will receive their certificate. We will post photos of the event and Julie will be there as well to represent Westminster. We wish Place des Fetes all the best in this British and mythical new adventure!


Mythical Maze - the Summer Reading Challenge 2014


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