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Bridge event at Westminster Music Library, March 2014
A warm Westminster Music Library welcome was given to a group of budding violinists from Churchill Gardens Primary School, who came to entertain an equally appreciative audience of children from St Peter’s Eaton Square Primary School and Thomas’s Nursery in Pimlico.

Our young musicians have been learning the violin for just over a year as part of The Bridge Project – an educational initiative which identifies and nurtures young children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments at a high level. The project encourages children, their families and their communities to develop a life-long appreciation for classical music in all its varied forms. The project aims to reach out to children from broader communities, preparing them to participate and succeed in the world of classical music.

And clearly learning an instrument can also equal having great fun while you’re doing it! The concert involved singing as well as playing, a variety of well known tunes and a lot of audience participation.

Once the applause subsided, it was time to put these budding fiddle players to the test… Did they know who Beethoven was – other than being a bit deaf and very grumpy? How about Handel? That chap with the long, flowing hair (I think that could be a wig) – did he play the organ in church? The granddaddy of them all – JS Bach – who had twenty children and spent a few nights in jail for not paying his bills. And we must not forget Mozart, the one and only child superstar who if you played his entire musical repertoire one piece after another it would take eight days.

These young performers proved that learning the violin is a lot more than just hours of learning a lot of boring scales, it is also about having a really good time. Roll over Beethoven, The Bridge violinists are coming.



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