Practical workshops & not-so-Neutral Masks

Two practical seminars took place at Westminster Reference Library this month.  On Thursday 13 March we ran a Drama Workshop working with the Neutral Mask.  These masks are apparently used by actors and non-actors who wish to find truth within their performance. Neutral they may be – I thought they looked a little sinister – but judge for yourself (more photos in the Facebook group).

Neutral Mask workshop at Westminster Reference Library, March 2014

The workshop was an exploration of the ideas put forward by the playwright Luigi Pirandello, about what lies behind the many masks we choose to wear when we disguise ourselves as a different person according to how we feel, who we are with and where we are in any given moment. Ironically it is sometimes through the process of working with the Neutral Mask during the rehearsal period that the actors are able to find themselves and the soul of the character they are trying to inhabit.

Yoga/Art workshop at Westminster Reference Library, March 2014

On Saturday 15 March, we hosted a Yoga & Art session.  The first one and a half hours were devoted to proper, heavy duty stretching, breathing and so on. hen,  aching and bruised (!), everybody sat down to discuss Yoga-inspired art.

Yoga/Art workshop at Westminster Reference Library, March 2014It was great to have the opportunity to show off, temporarily share and admire so many of our wonderful books – some of which I did not know we had.

Both workshops were fantastic fun and gave us an insight into practical applications of creative forces.  Magic, and that’s no joke…



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