Libraries are good for your health!

Barry from the Stroke Association gives a blood pressure check to an older dancerIt’s been a while since we’ve had a post from the Health Project – but that doesn’t mean it’s faded away. Far from it – it’s expanded to a full timetable of health promotion events in all three boroughs.

In fact there are so many events and activities happening on that it’s been difficult to get back from the front line and report!

Here’s just a taster of what’s been going on recently. Take a look at the Health events page and you can see that there are regular events and check ups for you to go to, special events for focus days like National No Smoking Day, and stalls popping up at all manner of locations!

Health Trainer Miraf, an Arabic-speaking health trainer who managed to do 44 health checks at Church Street Library in FebruaryThe project has arranged for Health Trainers to perform their government/NHS commissioned health checks for those between 40 and 74 in libraries. They come to Church Street Library on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, (including male nurse David Preston’s health checks for men of all ages), Victoria Library on Thursdays and  Fridays, and David goes to Pimlico Library on Friday mornings.

These health checks are vital for diagnosing early onset heart disease and the client/patient gets a result there and then and can be referred to the appropriate service (eg: exercise referral) or to their GP.

Breathe Easy Group Paddington

March Tea DanceThe health project has delivered two talks to community groups recently and the Breathe Easy Group Paddington are pictured above. The other was the over 60’s club at the Abbey Centre  – both groups were upset they couldn’t have a health check with a health trainer if they are over the age of 74, so we invited the Stroke Association (who have no upper age limit) to do the blood pressure checks at the tea dance at the Porchester Centre. We made an announcement to invite Paddington library users to go upstairs to where the dance was in full swing and mix with the dancers, see the hall and have a blood pressure check – 42 people did!



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