Victoria Library update

Last week, Victoria Library went into high gear with two great events: Painting in Prose and a Spring Health Fair.

Painting in prose at victoria Library, February 2014

On Monday, we had a delightful talk with three authors of historical fiction – Imogen Robertson, Elizabeth Fremantle and Vanora Bennett – who gave an excellent insight into the influence that art had had on their work. It is always interesting to hear where and how authors get their ideas, so to be able to see the actual inspiration was brilliant. The room was packed with no seats left and the authors had all clearly put a lot of thought into their presentation. Having a visual slideshow really brought the talk to life.

On Wednesday, the library was humming for a good few hours with people excitedly getting health checks, relaxing massages and making smoothies on a bike (!). Everyone had a great time, professional and customer alike. A number of the customers mentioned how useful the day had been, with people coming away having boosted their health in a range of ways. On a more serious note, the fair also allowed the health practitioners to catch a number of potentially life threatening problems early on and encourage the customers to seek help now. One lady mentioned to me that she had learnt some useful exercises to deal with the aftermath of an operation she recently had and another about how she had finally got some relief from ongoing pain.



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