The A-Z of Westminster Libraries

The missing letter WIf you follow @WCCLibraries on Twitter, you may well have seen some of our tweets in honour of National Libraries Day on Saturday. Alongide our Triborough partners @RBKCLibraries and @LBHFLibraries, we tweeted an ‘A-Z of Libraries’ – a selection of things, such as Q for Quiet and G for Graphic Novels, that are on offer from your library service.

The idea was inspired by an ongoing list put together by library campaigning organisation Voices for the Library, though we added our own slant and our own specialisms :-).

We thought, for the non-tweeters among you, that we would post the full set here… at which point we discovered that much to our embarrassment, W was missed out on the day. Of course W is for Westminster, it goes without saying…

Here is the A-Z, stripped of the formatting and the #NLD14 hashtags, but still fitting within Twitter’s required 140 character limit:

A is for Audiobooks
– we’ve got a great range and you can download them #free!

B is for Business
– amazing facilities at our Business Information Points (BIPs)

C is for Crafts
– with activities for young and old(er) throughout the year!

D is for DVDs
– a huge range! Ask about subscriptions for brilliant prices too

E is for Events
– we run 1000s a year: book clubs, gigs, IT training & much more

F is for Family History
– with #free access to @AncestryUK and @findmypast too

G is for Graphic novels
– lots of stock in libraries and a ‘Comic Club’ to join

H is for Health information and advice
– books to borrow and almost daily events

I is for Information
– Got a question? Ask us and we’ll try to help! See

J is for Jobs
– employment advice sessions, computer access & lots of resources

K is for Knowledge
– Keynote, Kompass & KnowUK – 3 of our #free online resources

L is for Learning
– we run courses in libraries and you can learn online #free

M is for Music
– #free gigs, classical concerts and award winning music library

N is for Newspapers
– paper copies, HUGE online archives, many languages!

O is for Open
– incl late nights & Sundays, and the 24/7 Library never closes

P is for Photographs
– an astonishing store of old pics at the Archives Centre

Q is for Quiet
– study areas, quiet corners, space to think… ssshhh… (OK, sometimes it’s noisy too)

R is for Romance
– ah, yes, we have that in spades… swoon…

S is for Social Media
– Never miss a thing with Twitter, Facebook & WordPress

T is for Twinning
– Church Street twinned with Place des Fetes – who’s next?

U is for Unlikely
– for #NLD13 we posted this from St John’s Wood Library users:

V is for Villains galore
– borrow one of 5000+ crime novels from our shelves!

W is for Worshipping a librarian!
– omitted on the day, but a sneaky chance to add a link to this:

X is for X-Rated
– yes, we have books and DVDs for Adults – search the catalogue

Y is for Youngsters
– we love kids! Here are some of the things they get up to

Z is for Zzzzz
– need bedtime stories for the kids? Come to the library!

Thanks to everyone who replied and retweeted on the day, we hope everyone had a brilliant National Libraries Day 2014!


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