A Taste of Pearly

Ros and two pearly queens at the London Coliseum, January 2014Last Monday we were able to capitalise on our special collection of Music Hall texts for a special free display at English National Opera’s Coliseum, when the Music Hall came to town. ENO staged an afternoon of songs, music and entertainment with some of the best pearly kings & queens and talented musicians in town. They took to the stage together with performers from the Players Theatre and a group of students from the Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Westminster Reference Library's Music Hall display at the London Coliseum, January 2014

Most people there were over 65 (possibly over 75) so I felt rather young again – not something that happens frequently to me these days…

Eveleen and I talked to all the keen fans of music hall and variety of all ages, who cooed over Peter’s excellent Theatreland display and questioned each other over the identity of long forgotten Music Hall stars. We went down memory lane with a lot of people who clearly remember the good old days of attending Music Hall events as children, with or without their parents. We took this opportunity to plug our forthcoming exhibition and event ‘A Trace of Music Hall’ which we are organising in partnership with artist (and mad keen Music Hall fan) Patrick Clevberger and the British Music Hall Society in April (watch the Westminster Reference Library News & Events page for details nearer the time).



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