World Book Night – apply to be a book giver now!

World Book Night 2014Yes, World Book Night seems to be here to stay. In this its fourth year, the event is going from strength to strength and now has the weight of the wonderful Reading Agency behind it too.

What is it?

It’s ‘a celebration of reading and books’, and involves people all over the UK, Ireland and the USA giving books away to those who may not yet have discovered a love of reading. It does this in a unique way – by recruiting thousands of ‘book givers’ – and you can join in.

Can I be a book giver?

Yes! All you have to do is apply before the deadline of 23 January 2014. This year they have changed the system slightly, so if you’ve done it before you’ll have to check the application details again.

The key difference is that this year you can choose to give away your own books – if you do this you don’t have to meet the January deadline, and you don’t have to fill in the full application form. Find out more about being a Community Volunteer Book Giver.

Those of us who have done WBN before will be more familiar with the other type of giver: the World Book Night Edition Book Giver. For this, you apply by 23 January choosing which book from the list of twenty you would like to give, and specifying details of where you would like to give the books away. If you are successful, you wiill be given 18 specially printed copies of your chosen book and then – this is the fun bit – you give them away on World Book Night, 23 April.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the opportunity to share your love of books and reading and get involved in World Book Night! If you want to see what Westminster Libraries have got up to alongside our Triborough colleagues in previous years, then take a look


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