And the winner is… *

Clapper board / reels of filmWe’re starting to get exited here at Marylebone Library as the Oscar nominations are announced this week and we do love film! We don’t like to brag… but on this occasion we will: Last year we had pretty much a full house on the predictions, we had either bought or ordered virtually everything that was available on DVD on the shortlists in every category.

We have a real passion for world cinema and documentary so those are the categories we will be most interested in. Who could forget last year’s winner of the best documentary feature? Searching for Sugar Man – a story that draws you in and keeps you fascinated until the very end. Or Austria’s entry for best foreign language film (Amour) which was in French and directed by a Bavarian!

So what do we think for this year?
Our money is on one of the many outstanding films from our favourite documentary distributor Dogwoof. For best documentary we like:

  • Blackfish [DVD]Blackfish – the harrowing story of an Orca kept in captivity.
  • The Act of Killing – a bizarre tale of former Indonesian death squad leaders with designs on becoming movie stars as they attempt to retell their heinous crimes.
  • Leviathan – a compelling documentary that shows you the dangerous and gruelling world of the people who battle the elements to bring fish to our tables.

Our money for best foreign language film? It’s a toughie but we like The Great Beauty – Paulo Sorrentino’s stunning return to form sent in Rome. But our favourite is Saudi Arabia’s Wadjda – an uplifting coming of age story about a girl who simply wants to have the same freedom as boys, directed by newcomer Haifer al-Mansour.

Why not seelwhat you think – all of these films are available to borrow at Marylebone Library (Wadjda will be available when it is released on 3 February).

[Helen and Hilary]

* Yes, we know we’ve used this title before. But who could resist?


One response to “And the winner is… *

  1. I really enjoyed that! I’m going to visit the library this minute to see if Blackfish is available. Thanks


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