Reboots – Comic Club update

The last meeting of the Marylebone Library Graphic Novel Club was on Superhero reboots, with an emphasis on DC’s New 52 series and Marvel Comics’ The Ultimates. We considered the reasons for restarting an entire comic book series from scratch and considered some of the best and worse titles to result from these and why.

Marvel UltimatesWe all agreed that Marvel had not quite achieved a full reboot of their collection since they had not restarted all their stories from scratch, but rather created alternate scenarios and plotlines alongside their existing collection. DC risked it all by ending their main series and started again with new origin stories and modifications to the characters to make them more accessible to a new audience.
It’s also worth noting that the New 52 series was also discussed in a previous meeting on women in comics.

The group will be meeting again this evening (!) – Wednesday 8 January – and today we’ll be talking about ‘Seriously Funny! From newspaper panels to graphic novel’. Please, bring along any titles of interest and hopefully we can exchange some good reads.

The following meeting will be on Wednesday 5 February and will debate ‘The Graphic vs the Novel’: I’ll be asking each member to bring one title that is a testament to good writing or good art to argue their case. See you there?



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