I kvetch, you kvetch, we all kvetch!

Kvetching is a universal trait, but the word brings us to its Yiddish roots meaning ‘to complain or whine’, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED Online, accessed through Westminster Libraries’ subscription, of course!)

Mr Kvetch, by Marcel FeigelSt John’s Wood Library hosted the local author and publisher Marcel Feigel, who presented his book, Mr Kvetch, published by his very own Vagabond Press. In fact, Mr Kvetch is the first of a planned series of humorous publications that will amuse family members of all ages. The book presentation took place during Chanukah (Jewish eight-day Festival of Lights).

Mr Feigel told us that he had an uncle who was like Mr Kvetch. We all probably know somebody who fits the description of Mr Kvetch, who – despite his grumbling – can be endearing and very amusing!

Copies of Mr Kvetch can be purchased at St John’s Wood Library for £5, which is with a discount. You can also contact Mr Feigel directly at http://vagabond-press.com/



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