Comic Club update

Maus, by Art SpiegelmanThe last meeting of the Marylebone Library Graphic Novel Club discussed Anthropomorphic Animals in Comics, with a focus on Blacksad and Elephant Men. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to something that is not human. The other side of the coin is a process of dehumanising, as is the case in Maus – where humans are represented as having animal characteristics, perhaps to allow us to process the horrific experiences of the characters more easily.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 4 December, and our topic of discussion this time will be ‘Back to the Future: A brief history of Superhero Reboots’. There will be an emphasis on Marvel’s Ultimates series and DC’s New 52.

During the same week the group will be visiting the Gosh! Comic Bookshop visit to help choose new items for Westminster Libraries stock. And then on 8 January we’ll be discussing ‘Seriously funny? From newspaper panels to graphic novel – newspaper comic strips and their graphic novel counterparts’. We look forward to seeing you there!



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