Eid and Family Learning

Eid and Family Learning event in Westminster LibrariesWestminster Libraries’ Bengali Service recently held two very successful ‘Eid and Family Learning’ events to mark the celebration of the second Islamic festival, Eid-Ul-Adha.

Eid-Ul-Adha is celebrated worldwide at the end of the pilgrimage season to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Muslims sacrifice animals and distribute the meat amongst the poor to honour the biblical and ancient story of Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice of his son.

Eid and Family Learning event
The first of the events was held at Pimlico Library on 27 October with 94 attendants (61 of them children), and the latter was held at Marylebone Bangladesh Centre on 2 November, where over 150 people (97 of them children) came. Everyone participated in various activities, provided in conjunction with Westminster Adult Education and Family Learning Services; cultural workshops were delivered by the Marylebone Bangladesh Society. Story and quiz sessions were run by local volunteers along with the outreach worker.

Eid and Family Learning eventThe family learning workshops ranged from making gorgeous and decorative gift boxes and Eid cards, to digital family portraits, which were then framed with handmade glittery frames designed by participants to keep or give as a gift to their loved ones. There was also henna body and hand painting as well as face painting for the children and families to enjoy.

Light snacks and drinks were provided at the end of both events which created a party atmosphere and were enjoyed by all. Both of the events were extremely well received and lots of positive remarks were made, including “When are you having the next Eid celebration here… please do let us know”!

These events are organised with the aim of increasing participation from the Bangladeshi and Muslim communities of Westminster into library activities – success!



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