Place des Fetes comes to Church Street

Cindy, 9, has drawn the building where she lives

You may remember that we wrote in August about the ‘twinning’ of Church Street Library with Bibliotheque Place des Fetes in Paris. The children’s pictures shown in that post were sent to the French library and are on display.

Naité, 6, has painted the area she comes from Ibrahim, 10, has chosen to make a collage from fashion magazines  Carlotta, 6, has drawn her imaginary home

In return, we received pictures done by the Paris children during their summer workshops – they drew, painted and collaged the area in which they live. Some of the children were very creative and imagined places they would like to live, some others drew Place des Fetes and its shops and buildings.

Julia, 8, has drawn the local flower shop Elimor 11, has drawn the local pharmacy  Enzo, 7, has drawn Place des Fetes and its sculpture

These pictures show some of the children with their pictures before they were sent to us. Come into Church Street Library to see the real pictures and to find out more about the twinning project.

Aidan, 5, has drawn “la Mer de Sable” (which means Sand Sea), on the south west coast of France, where he goes for holidaysA year 8 class from the local King Solomon Academy has started a correspondence with a school in Paris. Each student has a pen friend and will describe his life and where he lives. Soon the children from King Solomon will visit the library, where they will be able to borrow children’s chapter books in French, kindly donated by the London French Institute.

And finally, in the near future we will be hosting a presentation and photographs about Place des Fetes library and the local area in the adult lending library.



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