The Body in the Library…

The Body in the Library, by Agatha ChristiePaddington Library Reading Group celebrated Agatha Christie Week (15-22 September) by delving in to some of the murder mysteries of the great writer. 

We looked at ‘The Body in the Library’ (of course!) which features Miss Marple trying to sort out the red herrings and convoluted alibis surrounding a group of dancers working in a genteel English seaside resort. 

The group also looked at the relationship between Monsieur Hercule Poirot and his loyal friend Captain Hastings. The group noted that many of Agatha Christie’s plots were inspired by newspaper reports of murders and frauds. We like most of the novels because they are written in plain English and the society they feature is easily recognisable.

The stories easily lend themselves to film and TV adaptations because of the ‘costume drama’ aspect which is visually appealing. Most novels are set in the upper class and high society of the Pr-e and Post-war periods.

Our next meeting is on Friday 18 October and we’ll be discussing Balraj Khanna’s The Mist of Simla. The author will be responding to comments on our Text Tribe reading group site, so get involved!



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