Project 353

Westminster’s Bengali service was approached by the London Transport Museum to work on a joint community programme as part ofProject 353, with workshops in both Church Street Library and the Museum.

"Project 353" at Church Street LibraryThe idea proved so popular with members of the Bengali service that we reached project capacity – 15 people signed up. The first two workshops took place in August, and the final event will be a day trip to the museum followed by a workshop tomorrow, 4 September.

During the workshops, the participants learnt about the first ever Metropolitan Railway carriage – number 353 – which was built in 1892 and ran on what is now known as the Circle Line. They were fascinated to learn about how the carriage had been recycled to fit so many purposes over the years, including being a clubhouse for American soldiers, a shop and even a garden shed! It was then bought back from a woman in exchange for a garden bench, and was restored 108 years later to its former design.

"Project 353" art work at Church Street Library

Participants not only learnt about its important history but also developed new vocabularies in relation to the project. The idea of the project was to get participants involved with the story in a creative manner through producing a number of art works which will form a special exhibitions in January. Activities included mono printing, embroidery and fantastic paintings by the participants. Everyone has had a brilliant time so far and we’re all looking forward to going on the trip armed with all our new inisghts tomorrow.



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