We’re open! [Marylebone Library on the move… pt9]

Anabel, the Marylebone Library manager, opens the doors for the first time (August 2013)There were still a few artisans going about their artisanning (sorry), and some of the technology was lagging a little behind, but we opened on time, welcomed back some ‘old faces’, and – excitingly – some new users. People saw the sign outside and thought, “Oh, a library – that’s great!” In they came in with no idea that they were pioneers, and soon every space was being used.

It wasn’t quite as dramatic as when they opened Primark on Oxford Street (the doors got bent in the crush for that one!), but it was pleasing to see the new library with users in it.

Computer users on the Marylebone Library opening day (August 2013)    All the periodicals are in place. Opening day fo Marylebone Library, August 2013

Opening day of the new Marylebone Library, August 2013As I walked home, I had three conversations with regulars from the old library:

“Are you open yet?” …
“Are the computers working?” …
“Did you still get the newspapers while you were shut?”

Yes, yes and yes, in that order.



2 responses to “We’re open! [Marylebone Library on the move… pt9]

  1. LOL David!!


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