Love the Summer Reading Challenge

Stacey, one of Westminster's Creepy House volunteers

We’re in the last couple of weeks of the Summer Reading Challenge (it’s not too late to join though!) and, as always, it’s been a great success. And it hasn’t just been brilliant for the children involved – here’s what Stacey, one of our much-appreciated volunteers, has to say:

“The Creepy House Summer Reading Challenge has been a really exciting event to be a part of.  As a volunteer, I listen to the children tell me all about the books they have read this summer.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and it’s uplifting to see so many kids energized about reading. Whether they are talking about Horrid Henry or Winnie the Witch, the kids have strong opinions and connections to the stories they are reading. I love seeing the sense of accomplishment they feel when they earn a star or when they realize they may have beaten some of their schoolmates to the finish line.  The program is a great way to foster healthy competition and a love for reading. One thing all of the kids agree on is that the smelly stickers they receive as prizes, literally stink!”

[Stacey, Summer Reading Challenge Volunteer]


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