Marylebone Library on the move… pt8

Clock at Marylebone LibraryClocks. There are clocks everywhere.

And where there aren’t any clocks yet, there are post-it notes saying “clock”.

You can’t run a library without clocks. For a start, the library users like to know what the time is. If you’ve spent the morning researching the history of 14th Century Korean porcelain, or browsing the latest DVD releases, you need to know when to get your notes together, or make your choice of viewing, before slipping round the corner for a coffee or a sarnie.

Clock at Marylebone LibraryAs for the staff, the clock rules, regulates and directs all our working lives. 9.00am – set up ready. 9.30am – open the doors, go on public duty, or do some paperwork in the office. And so the day goes on. But not yet.

The library is still being prepared for next Wednesday’s opening (28th), and the clocks are waiting for hooks on the walls. With public areas on three floors, spread either side of a central stairwell, at least half a dozen clocks are needed. With two offices and a staffroom, that’s three more. Allergic to clocks? Don’t panic. The loos are clock-free areas.

Preparing the library for opening - Marylebone Library, Macintosh House, August 2013Apart from the clock situation, this building is really starting to look like a library. Books are on shelves, magazines in racks, and computers on desks (admittedly not quite connected yet, but the man with the screwdriver is on his way). Some really lovely people have been touching up the paintwork and cleaning all the surfaces. Oh, is that the clock man I can see over there? Now we can get organised!



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