A Creepy House tour

The Summer Reading Challenge is in full swing across Westminster Libraries, with children eagerly joining up to read their six books and find their way through the ‘Creepy House’!

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the activities that have been going on:

Mike Belgrave at Mayfair Library, Summer 2013
Musical tots at Mayfair Library

Mayfair library’s under fives’ group were treated to songs, puppets and balloons in a performance by entertainer Mike Belgrave. They got to dance, laugh at his antics and everyone had a great time!

Libraries build zombie villages at Church Street Library…

WAES Creepy House workshop at Church Street Library, Summer 2013This years’ Creepy House theme is really capturing children’s imaginations. The Westminster Family Learning Team have been busy delivering workshops in several of our libraries which have proved really popular. Children (working with a parent/carer) were told a spooky story which inspired them to make their very own creepy houses. With each workshop being full to bursting with eager families, we ended up with enough creations to build a haunted village!

X-Ray spec making at Marylebone Library

Crazy Comic Club at Marylebone Library, Summer 2013James Parsons, aka Mr ‘Crazy Comic Club’, came to Marylebone Library for a comic workshop. Children were shown how to draw 3D pictures and make their own X-ray specs to view them with. Their pictures were then revealed! A really popular and fun event – some future comic artists definitely in the making! (If you missed it, James will be coming to Maida Vale library in September).

See what else is happening for children at your local Westminster library this summer!


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