Coco Chanel woz ere?

Westminster lamp postThere’s been a lot of speculation on the airwaves about the lamp posts in Westminster, which appear to have the double C logo of Coco Chanel on their bases.

Was this a tribute to her by her lover, the 2nd Duke of Westminster? What better way to celebrate a romance, than by emblazoning it on the street-lighting?

In her brief biography on Wikipedia, he is said to have given her many extravagant gifts in the years of their affair, 1925-1930…

Sadly, the truth is more mundane, as is so often the case.  The W and double C on the lampposts stand for Westminster City Council, who were responsible for the street lighting.  It was designed for Parliament Square in 1951 – over 20 years after their affair – by the architect George Grey Wornum (source: WCC Street Furniture Manual, 1993).

WCC Street Furniture Manual 1993 p8-04

WCC Street Furniture Manual, 1993

Sorry, folks, it’s an urban myth!



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